IML-ENGINEERING LTD provides comprehensive engineering, design and construction services for electrical installations for all types of sites, as well as maintenance and repair of electrical installations, maintenance subscription services, delivery and assembly of distribution boards, and structured cabling.

Our company provides the following electrical engineering and construction services:

  • Complete construction of electrical systems and electrical installations for industrial, administrative and residential buildings.
  • All construction and installation works in compliance with the proposed designs, using own resources and funds.
  • Strict adherence to design specifications and the requirements set out in the codes and standards applicable for this type of construction.
  • Compliance with all requirements for safe operation of the built installations and networks.
  • Observance of all requirements regarding the deadlines and the quality of contractual work under the agreement with the Client.

The engineering and manufacturing activities are carried out at the company’s commercial and industrial facilities in Plovdiv City. Our assembly shops are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery to ensure high-quality installation and testing of products. Our finished products meet all European requirements and standards and are accompanied by the necessary technical documentation in accordance with the Ordinance on the essential requirements and conformity assessment of construction products.


  • Electrical systems and installations. Electrical engineering. Complete electrical systems and electrical installations for industrial, administrative and residential buildings.

  • Low voltage: LV switchgears, power and lighting installations, earthing and lightning protection systems, installation of outdoor cables.

  • Medium voltage: Overhead lines and cable networks, package substations (package substations in concrete/metal housing), MV switchgear (outdoor and indoor).


  • Rooftop, façade or ground-mounted solar power systems;
  • Distributed generation systems – on-grid, off-grid (“island mode”) and hybrid power plants;
  • Plants selling energy under the feed-in tariff (FiT) scheme or on the free market.
  • Комбинирани – за собствени нужди с продажба на излишъка.

Слаботокови инсталации:

  • Пожароизвестяване, озвучаване и оповестяване;
  • TV системи, видеонаблюдение, контрол на достъпа, домофонни инсталации, сигнално-охранителна техника;
  • Структурни кабелни системи, системи за КИПиА, системи за дистанционно отчитане на енергията;
  • системи за сателитна и кабелна телевизия, системи за газ сигнализации и други.

Производствена дейност:

  • Проектиране и изработка на ел. табла: главни, електромерни, силови и разпределителни ел табла; ел. табла за автоматизация и контрол  – по индивидуални проекти, предназначени за производствени, търговски и жилищни сгради.
  • Монтаж и контрол на готови детайли и възли за осветителна техника – за обзавеждане на хотели, магазини, офиси, банки, болници, административни, промишлени и жилищни сгради.


Проектиране цялостно и изпълнение на ел. системи и инсталации.

  • Изготвяне на технически и работни проекти, съгласно задание на Клиента;
  • Предварителни проучвания и изготвяне на технически задания, съгласно инвестиционните намерения на Клиента;
  • Технически консултации;
  • Прецизен и отговорен авторски надзор по време на строителството;
  • Изготвяне на качествени екзекутивни проекти.


„ИМЛ – ИНЖЕНЕРИНГ” ЕООД извършва ремонтна, сервизна и абонаментна дейност за всички предлагани продукти и услуги