IML- ENGINEERING LTD. offers a complete engineering when servicing electrical installations and their mountings in any construction site, maintenance and repair of electrical installations, after warranty maintenance, electrical cabinets production, middle and low voltage cable supplies, electrical substations, low voltage systems and others.  

The company activity is managed by an engineering department that consists of high-qualified technical personnel with a long experience in the field of civil-erection works and particularly in the Electrical part. The electrical installations activity covers all quotation stages, contracting and control until submitting the completed sites, fulfilled according to all customers’ requirements, to the European quality criteria for the used materials, and according to the active regulations.

During the last 18 years the company has made its place at the market as one of the leaders in the electrical installations mounting at any construction sites. Up to the present moment the completed sites are with total all-out construction area more than 3 000 000 sqr. meters.